There’s another sky

I had been looking forwards to our sweet dream
However, the dream has to be built by us together
but I never catch a glimpse of your hands

Although patience, perseverance and effort are the ingredients for the soup of love
I realize that the soup is only for both who are really in love
Then I start to wonder if my obsessiveness is out of love or unwillingness to let go

To love or not to love
Between these north and south poles
I realize that the sweet dream belongs only to me

There is another blue sky
If I can’t fly, I will walk slowly
walk under the blue sky
where love doesn’t have any chains

I am fond of freedom
where there is no obsessiveness

Hugging lovers on the street are so happening
Slow down to find a good angle for my camera
So infectious is their love
Wakes up my sleeping heart
Put a smile on my face
I am alive once more

Keep on walking and I will be further down the road
closer to my new dream
I am OK with small happiness

Long wait makes me lose hold of myself
Excuses keep coming in
making my life satisfaction low

A little loneliness and a little effort to make one more step
Time is needed for recovering wound
Happiness counts me in
I can’t fly
but I hope some wind will lift me up

I don’t want to hide from the truth
because I know that one day
I will get free from thoughts about you

No more searching for unhappiness
The new sky is not that bad
There are more birds and white clouds
So simple and not tainted

It doesn’t matter if I have it
If lost, find again
Cooping up at home makes me lose sight of the good weather
A new world is in for me
I am going out of my chamber now.

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