The root of mental illness

The root of poor mental health is the denial that our life is difficult. Denying that our life is difficult leads to complaints, moarning, avoidance of responsibility, crying over spilt milk…Only by accepting that our life is full of problems, we can grow and prosper spiritually, live through difficulties and grow in them, instead of trying to get rid of them by creating fantasies.

Fantasies pull us away from the reality and make us experience a deeper sense of sorrow, guilt, anger, regret… in those fantasies than those we have in our real world. Excessive fantasies will grab away the presence of a person in the world. Then, he is a walking dead body.

For the recovery of mental illness, get out of the fantasies, accept the problems instead of ignoring, forgetting, running from them. Accept that problems are always there and you just need to live with it. If you cannot solve them or make them disappear then you have to transcend it. Change within for transcendence as peace is nowhere but in the heart.

Perfectionism is the evil root of mental illness. Believe that in the disorderliness of problems, it lays the art of life. For where we find problem is where we gain maturity. Without problems, no change. For there is loss, there is appreciation. For there is heartbreak, there is true love. For there is sorrow, there is joy.

One of the enlightening teachings of Buddha is that “life is suffering.

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