How to look good in front of people?

Ask others what they want
instead of asking for what you want
To befriend,
you shall put others’ needs in your perspective
this is the nature of interpersonal relationship
whereby we tend to flock with people who care about us

Who would we like to befriend with?
The cleverest person?
The person that makes you feel that you are the cleverest in this world?
The person who always gives sincere praises?
The person who is flattery?
The person who criticizes?
The person who always shows appreciation?
You know the best.

People go where they are appreciated and valued
They tend to go for places where their self-esteem is protected

Sincere praises can stay in a person’s mind for years
even though you forget about the fact that you praised
Praises=the best motivator

Flattering remarks are detrimental to a relationship
It is the source of relationship failure
People knows that you are flattering even before you flatter

Criticism doesn’t work
People just love to justify their fault to deny the feeling of guilt and regrets
Everyone doesn’t like to be seen as insufficient

Appreciation makes people feel their importance
gives their life meaning
and makes people feel loved enough to reciprocate

When a child refuses to eat, don’t force or threaten him
don’t tell him how much you hope he can grow up well
the child just doesn’t comprehend
Instead, tell him that if he eats,
he will be able to protect himself from the bully down the lane

If he wets his pants and denies his deed
Let him choose his own bed like an adult when shopping
and  let him wear an adult pajamas
Let him have his own room
then this satisfies his need to be mature and independent
Then when he feels like an adult,
he will act like an adult.

Self-expression is the ultimate need of human race
Instead of insisting on implementing your idea
why not let people cook and stir with your idea?
make them feel that the idea belongs to them
then, they will feel excited to implement the idea

Ask a kid who is fussy at the dinner table to cook
let him wash the vegetables from market
let him separate the edible parts from the parts to be discarded
then let him savour his own cooking
he will have a few helpings, I guess

If you know how to look from your own perspective and also people’s
you will succeed in many aspects of your life
be it family, business, friendship…
If you don’t know
you will walk alone in this life

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