Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason
There is no need to label the events as good or bad
All happens for self-discovery
Good events are for affirmation of our good values
for us to be grateful
When we are grateful for food, friends, clothes, health…
we increase their value in our life
making our life wonderful
Bad events are for us to discover what is not working
Then let us take an action or correction
to bring our life into a whole new level
Mistakes are the greatest teacher for advancement
so that our life is not stagnant
Our deepest human need is to help others
let’s not focus on our gain, but our giving
for the joy of life is in giving
the most priceless joy ever
Everyone that is in our life is here for us to love and care
Don’t think that God has brought him into my life
but think that God has brought me into his life to make a difference
if we know we can make a difference
we would wake up with a motivated spirit every morning
Love yourself is the prerequisite to love others
There is either fear or love
If you don’t love yourself
You are fear of losing what you have due to your weakness
You are fear of making mistakes that cause you to look like a fool
You are fear of rejected by people
You are fear of failures that distance you from people
You are fear of uncertainties in the future that make you undervalued
You are fear that your effort is useless and pointless
All these limiting beliefs, assumptions, biases…will keep you where you are forever
To move from where you are to the highest level,
change what you are having in you now
change the fear in you to love
so that the fullest potential and talents in you can get to be manifested
in the best pattern, colour and shape ever
The past is fake, the future is just of illusion
Now is what you have
Live as if today is the last day
Help whenever you can
Love whenever you can
Say thanks whenever you can
Make a difference whenever you can
Pamper yourself whenever you can

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