Harmony in the park

I always go to the park recently
The park is not an ordinary place
It is filled with different people

The little boy who loves to compete in running
He initiated the competition
Stopped the competition when he was tired
How cute was that!
I kept on running
He didn’t want to lose
With all his might and will of winning
he tried to catch up
Announced himself his victory with pride
Reminded me of the directness,
and habit of celebrating the small happiness 
during our childhood

The man who is kind to take care of me there
I am a lady all by herself in the park
alone without any companion and protection
This is called zero distance
when care is given with no prerequisite

And some humour in the park from the elderlies
“If it was 60 years ago, I bet I can run faster than her.”

A flock of sheep
Mother sheep, father sheep and baby sheep
One family together
grazing the grass
How adorable is this picture!

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