The Last Day

We are worried about the arrival of “The Last Day”
lots of things to fight for
lots of vacancies in our heart to fill in
lots of faults to mend
lots of people to love
the clock keeps counting down, never rest

but opening restful eyes, it is morning again
The world is still here
A whole new day
why not treat this day as a surprise, something like a gift
there’s no more fear
no more reason to think negatively

Do as you should
Love as you should
Live as you should
Laugh as you should
Hold on as you should

No more thinking too much
No more clinging tightly to the outcome
No more depressed spirit
Live the now to the best

Not to feel sorry towards this world
Fight for what has been lost
Compete with the clock
with all might

The world hasn’t ended
why giving up when it is still here?
it is an excuse to say “let it be.”
Challenges are not ‘The Last Day”
How can you lose before the day comes?

Today which has been earned should be savoured
and lived to the best
The most beautiful day ever
Stop day-dreaming
Work towards the dreams now

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