Forget it, start anew

Written by Lars Irving
Editted by Marcus Holmes

You don’t love him so much actually

Is it your habit or love?
You know the best
Is it him or the memory?
You know the best

Your dreams can be without him actually
Is it your worry or unwillingness to be defeated?
You can stick to your plan with a new guy
Your dreams depend only on you
Share them with people who appreciate

Just walk your own dream path
People who are yours will keep pouring in
They can’t be grabbed away or leave you alone
Yours are yours
If they are not, they will never be.
Determination in living your life to the fullest
not in possessing him 
Life without him is still perfect

I know how it is like to suffer
and the confusion of going in and out of this love game
If there have been only disappointments
why not to just quit?

I know you are having emotional turbulance
and being weak
If so,
why act as if it is nothing?

Cry a river and build a bridge to get over
Tears are sacred and a mark of power
of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love

You don’t love him so much
You are not entangled in this love trap
You can let go after hearing the truth
If you want, you can.
Don’t let it steal your heart that makes you alive

Take a breath
Look up the sky
The sky is blue
This world  is wide
I am sure your happiness is somewhere in a corner

The dreams you have weaved can be achieved without him
Does he worth your dreams?
You know the best.

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