When a peacock spreads his wings, where would you look at? His wings or butt? Of course, his wings but…
Sometimes, when you have a pimple on your smooth, fair face, you make a fuss over the only pimple and.. When you have done badly for a test, you focus on the test instead of other tests that you have done well. Besides, some parents keep complaining about an uncaring son, but they forget about the other three caring children.
We always count our bad luck, but we never look at our blessings. If we really count both, 90% of our life is made up of blessings. By examining our blessings, we can be happier.
Happiness is about attitude. 
If your sneeze wakes you up during the night, can you eliminate the disturbance from your sneeze by sleeping in another room? Surely, you can’t.
However, we always change our job, lover, environment and others with the wish that we shall be happier. In reality, happiness depends on ourselves, not external factors. If you are not happy, none of the changes can make you happy.
It’s just like when you have no appetite, even though culinary delights are served, you would still don’t feel like eating.
Don’t try to seek for happiness for if you seek for it, it will be nowhere. Happiness will be with you when you notice it the least. Happiness comes from within. Search within, not without. Nothing is perfect but we can look at it from an angle that makes it perfect.
Be contented. Live by need, not desire. Need can always be fulfilled but desire will never be. Need is having a house with a comfy bed for sleeping but desire is having a bigger and bigger house even though you don’t need a house that is so big.
Happiness is right now. 

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