Two wrongs don’t make a right

If you accidentally buy a pair of shoes with the wrong size for RM10, would you pay a bus fee of RM45 to travel back to the shoes’ shop just to exchange for a pair with the right size?
You won’t but sometimes you do that in certain situations.
When you have done something wrong, you will do another wrong to correct it. However, two wrongs don’t make it right.
While shopping, we buy some cheap food that is not of good quality. Then, we finish the food and end up having diarrhea. 

We work very hard at our job to earn money. Our work increases the distance with our loved ones. We lose our health due to overworking. Then, we pay a lump sum for our health bills.

You fall in love with someone that you shouldn’t have. However, you let yourself getting into the love trap and become not able to escape. You cling to that someone, never want to let go. That someone feels uncomfortable and annoyed. In the end, you lose everything including friendship.
Always think about what you will lose, besides what you will get.
Don’t think only of the presence, but also the future.
If you can’t get the grapes, don’t be so careless to lose the watermelon in your hand.

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