Sex with humanity

1. Have sex with your spouse without having lights being switched on. Save electricity while creating some romance with an organic candle. Lighting a candle is proved to be more energy-efficient than switching on the light. If not, choose to have it during daytime.

2. Charge up your libido and ignite the passion by including asparagus, avocado, chili, garlic, ginger, celery, tomato, watermelon and pumpkin seeds in your diet. Cut down on meat consumption. Spare the lives of animals and reduce the carbon footprint from animal farms.

3. Buy cotton-made sexy lingeries instead of those made of toxic material like PVC.

4. For birth control, avoid using condoms and try to think of creative sex postures that can satisfy you without resulting in pregnancy. Creativity can boost sex satisfaction. Condoms are usually made of rubber that is hard to be recycled.

5. If you use condoms, discard them in a correct manner. Don’t flush it into your toilet bowl as it can cause blockage in our water system that can lead to water wastage.

6. Don’t use fossil fuel based lubricant. Petroleum companies are polluting our earth. Support organic lubricants.

7. Avoid oral contraceptive pills too. They can be excreted from our body after consumption as waste product that can pollute our waterway and harm the marine life.

8. Avoid unplanned pregnancy as it may lead to an abortion that kills a precious life or a life that will not be well taken care of.   

9. Take care of your garden with organic farming method. Then, free of toxic pesticide, your garden can be a good place for making love.

10. Vegans are proved to have better body odour and sweeter ‘sex fluid’ than meat eaters. All these can provide you a better sex experience.

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