The Art of Love

I am sure that you have been hurt in this lifetime
You might have thought of giving up
and just loving yourself
but this is what our life is about
it is imperfect
but the beauty lies in the imperfections
like this baby

He eats imperfectly
but the milk around his mouth makes him cuter
isn’t it?

Life is beautiful with its ups and downs
The downs teach us to appreciate what we have sometimes
sometimes they teach us to forgive
Forgiveness makes our love grow
It widens our heart
Boosts our heart to the greatest capacity
till it encompasses everything
that there’s nothing that cannot enter our heart
Our heart transcends
nothing can fail our heart since then
it becomes stronger
With this heart that fears nothing
it continues to send out signals
till some signals reciprocate to make a nice song
the song of this wonderful combination will be a good ending

If our heart has chosen to be egoistic after the pain
the song will be left composed halfway
the wound will stay in the heart forever
you will suffer forever for not getting a new song
there’s no turning back

So keep going…
work towards a new song
let new sweet memory to lighten the pain from your past black memory
you have to continue the journey to get what really can sooth your heart
remember it’s in front of you
so keep going
don’t stop at the same place

keep loving
the world needs your love
with your love,
the world will be different in a way that it is more complete
your love can do wonders
colour the world with your love
you will be amazed how an easy action can create surprises

Maybe you are a bit disappointed in the beginning
or you are scared to be disappointed
but choose to love
For if you never choose to walk the path of love
Love will never come in your way
Love is not a noun, it’s a verb
And it needs to be mixed with courage and effort
and all humans need love
Love doesn’t exist from nowhere
it exists from our sweat, blood and tear
keep going…
all the best to you.

Let’s start our love journey with this song for my favourite vegan hot singer, Jane Zhang.

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