Read this to yourself

1. When it comes to creative works, don’t blame myself for the lack of creativity but look at a corner and say,” my job is just writing. If you want me to be a better writer, channel me more of your essence.” After that, just continue to write whatever in my head. Believe that creativity comes from a divine being, but not solely from me. Then, I can write without tension. Tension kills creativity.
2. Do what I want to do even though nobody supports me. If I succeed, I never regret. If I fail, I am wiser. Go to do all kinds of work to learn. Know a little about a lot yet I know a lot about a little. Keep experimenting till I find the life I really love. Don’t limit myself to my specialisation. Get out of the prison. There’s too much good stuff in life that I can’t afford to miss. If I never try, I will never know that I can be better in certain aspects. With a better view for various ways of living, I can blend in with all kinds of people.
3. Have a few soul mates but know a lot of friends. ‘More friends’ means more information. If I have a friend who is a teacher, I can ask him about the best school for my kids. If my friend is a cancer survivor, I can seek for his encouragement if my loved one gets diagnosed with cancer. If he is a unsuccessful person, I can examine his habits that cause him to fail all the times. Make more friends and learn more. Who knows a friend who is not so close to me knows about a room for rent that meets my needs?

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