Filter the mind

Remember how someone loves you,
not how someone is careless in creating happiness in you,
nobody is perfect
someone may not treat you as you hope for all the time
but that doesn’t mean someone doesn’t love you sincerely
as we are living in a world that is overwhelmed with selfishness and ignorance
yet there is love deep down in everyone’s heart

Remember only good returns
not bad and disappointing outcomes
as remembering the bad stuff doesn’t help
It can lead you to worry about things that never exist
It can create scenarios that never happen
further distorting your beliefs
creating phobia
that grabs away the courage to really live your life

Remember only affirmative words
as those are main points to be remembered
leave out hurtful words
as they can create a cycle of pain
let those hurtful words be blown away like dust
as they don’t help in anything
what’s the point of taking them in?
Affirmative words let you know the direction you should be heading

Remember those in front of you
as ‘wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.’ By Seneca.
Don’t try to remember any better person that is not in your sight
as nobody is perfect
If you ask to be surrounded by perfect people as you define
you will never have this wish fulfilled
don’t try to change your people
but change within your heart  

happiness is just a step away

“We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way we are.” By Talmud.

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