Gift for the introvert

1. You are slow in speech because you take time to form substantial ideas instead of simply uttering an idea without thinking meticulously.
2. You like to study alone instead of having a group study because your motivation simply comes from the subject of study instead of other group study members. By studying alone, you are able to refine your areas of knowledge that need improvement. Studying by yourself can let you focus on the most challenging area as defined by you.
3. You do not have any temper because you love peace. You realize that negative words are more hurtful that a sword. The negative impact of words is far-reaching as it can break trust, threaten self-esteem and build conflict.
4. You prefer to be firm and assertive with your gentleness and thoughtful words that create peace. Instead of being a dominant speaker, you keep asking questions that make people think in a more rational, logical and spiritual way.
5. You do not like small talk but prefer one-to-one heart talk. You are so serious that you love to talk about personal problems around people as you care about helping people with their personal development. You make good use of your time for a productive conversation that can change people’s life for betterment. 
6. For you, small talk is after heart talk as when you are intimate with a person, random jokes, flirt actions and sweet words will come automatically. You don’t have to put up a mask, let the relationship develop naturally.
7. You act as an extrovert sometimes because our world values extroversion highly. In this world, you need to talk like an extrovert to make your substantial ideas known to people. However, don’t think of transforming from an introvert to an extrovert as our character is genetically determined. Be yourself by having a retreat after acting as an extrovert. 
8. Don’t be an introvert that acts as an extrovert to fit in this world that values extroversion highly. Only act as an extrovert for your personal values and passion. Public speaking skill is not inborn, but a learnt skill.

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