Love vs. Addiction

Love is oxygen.
It’s here and there.
You can have it if you want.

Addiction is mirage.
It is nowhere to be caught.
You can only see it from far.

Love is like stream water.
It flushes the baby fishes to their mothers.
It wipes away the baby frogs at the shore,
bringing them onto lush dewy green lotus leaves
for a fantastic sense of floating in joy

Everything is in the stream water
yet doesn’t belong to the stream water
All is free to cross the gateway into the sea
for more exploration

Addiction is like a python swallowing one hundred ducks
it doesn’t listen to the ducks’ cry
nor care about its own digestive system
Spitting out the bloody ducks, 
it ends up feeling tired.

All of us are in one reality
We are interconnected
Just like how some identical twin brothers,
who are thousand miles apart,
can sense the moment of their sibling’s death in an accident
Just like the stream water, baby fishes, fish mothers, baby frogs and lotus leaves
they are all in the same reality,
which is the waterway.

In this reality
there is only togetherness
you affect me
I affect you
You are kind because I feel your kindness
I am clever because you admire my brilliance

Observe properly
there is no more line of separation
no more competitors
we are all in one

Love presents itself in many ways
Yet, there’s no one certain way of ending that defines love
let it turn out naturally
you will be mesmerised by the natural rhythm of love
as how the baby fishes can be made to meet the baby frogs by the stream water
to make friends
instead of meeting the fish mothers or the lotus leaves

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