Self-hypnosis class

Time flies. It is going to be the end of my 3-month training. I feel as if I have just attached myself to the company. My future plan…ya, time to think about it. Before I manage my plan, I need to manage myself first.
Just attended a self-hypnosis class at ADA. Now, I start to see what is the point of having hypnosis. 
It is not about focusing on the music, listening to the therapist…It is about relaxing your body and mind. It’s about being by yourself when there are only positive things.
I had been overwhelmed by my goal-setting strategy. Now, I understand why my strategy failed so badly.
My therapist asked me to focus on one goal at a time, instead of a few. She said our mind is like a child. It can only listen and digest one thing at one time. More than one goal at one time will confuse our mind.
And…remember to only include only positive words in your goal statement.
Instead of saying, “I am not going to be lazy at work.”
I should say, “I am going to be hardworking at work.”
Our mind only reads positive stuff, it filters away all negative words all the times.
Therefore, “I am not going to be lazy at work.” will be read as “I am not going to be lazy at work.”
Besides, be specific.
Instead of saying, “I am going to focus.”, say I am going to focus on my homework.”
Give a scope so that the mind gets some direction.
Be patient. One goal at a time. Throughout your day, when you are moving from a task to the next, set a new goal for the upcoming task. 
Relax your body and mind. Say the goal to your mind. Let it sink into your mind.

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