Comfortable under my skin

Feeling good after hypnosis at ADA. That’s great!
She said I am no longer depressed. It is just because of some withdrawal symptoms for being med-free.
Hmm… Being med-free is a correct decision for my health, as the lady said.

I tell myself these things after the hypnosis as well as a talk by Jojo Struys at The Star Health Fair in Mid Valley. Share with you here.

Remember to ask yourself some simple questions like…

Are you happy with your job?
Are you happy with your family relationship?
Are you happy with your friendship?
Are you happy with your life?
Are you happy with…(any other things)

If you spot something that needs attention and changes, act on it now.
Listen to your answer, live your heart’s desire.

Accept what is already there.
Don’t complain about traffic/weather…
After complaining, they will be still there.
Our mind power cannot alter all these right away.
Therefore, spare your energy.

If you complain that the traffic is terrible then go to bed in a bad mood, you will wake up tomorrow having neck pain.

Our mind is deeply connected to our body.

Set your priorities and learn to say no.

If you are tired, it is okay to reject an invitation.

Don’t tire yourself too much
Accumulated tiredness can affect your emotionally and destroy you.
Listen to your body’s need. Have enough sleep and rest. Exercise too.

It is about here and now.
It is about your choice.
You can be relaxed and happy at any moment and anywhere.
You just have to practise it into a skill.
Jojo made me relaxed while being with the whole audience in Mid Valley. Amazing huh..

Let it go, let it go, breathe out the air of negativity, breathe in the good one, breathe in confidence
You can try this. 🙂
Breathing with your stomach is a good relaxing exercise that everyone can do easily,anywhere and anytime with no cost

Focus on the moment. Don’t miss it. We are no longer in the past, and not yet in the future.
Cherish what you have. Focus on yourself.

When you are feeling bad, take a step back

If someone is scolding you, take a step back and tell yourself, “what a poor fellow! It must have been very hard for him.”  
The angry person must be a person lack of security and love.

Therefore, forgive the person. It is not necessary that you apologise, you just have to forgive in your heart and take charge of your emotion.
If you are feeling bad, it doesn’t affect anyone but yourself.

It is a fruitful week. Hope the same goes to you. :)

Some pictures of Jojo for you. She is also a model,an actress and a content creator.

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