I want to be a painter

Only by stopping the ticking hands of clock
I will start to feel happiness
No more a passenger of time
but I shall be a ruler of time

Have you heard of “when you are in love, you feel that the world has halted and the clock has died.”
I want to be falling in love with my present life

No more clinging to my past
Let go of the missed parts as more is coming
all in the past has changed so there’s no point pondering it

who knows that happiness is knocking on the door?

No more dependence on my future
My hand loosens the grip of possible happiness in the future
Happiness is now and here
Let go of judgement on my present based on my dreamed future
but remember that life is full of surprises to be discovered

Celebrate now
Have a perfect heart

Everything from the past, present and future
is determined by your heart
It is not about the circumstances but the attitude

A heart of roses gives you a lasting scent of fragrance
A heart of dead bodies gives you a borderless graveyard

What you feel and think is what you was, what you are and what you will be

Be your own painter
paint a drawing of your style
make good use of your artistic talent
all is up to you

enjoy the moment
enjoy every bite of your food
enjoy all smiles
enjoy all gentle words
enjoy all givings
enjoy every literature work
trust people, receive kindness and get into love
get hurt and love again 
never cease trusting
enjoy love
make good use of human nature to love other beings
playing around with love
fill your heart with love
love is the best medicine
don’t deprived yourself of the chance to fall in love

build your dream with love

a heart of love fears nothing

a life without love is torturing
love with all might

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