You are a lavender

Don’t define your self with…

your current career failure
your strained family relationship
your friends with bad influence
your bankruptcy
your room in disorder
your breakup with girlfriend
your divorce
your unappealing appearance

Treat those things as a reminder that you need to make a change
A room in disorder may mean unmet deadlines at work
or a clutter in mind

Define yourself as the best self you can be in
The best self of yours that comes with ultimate control
see your self as something with undiscovered treasure
everyone has it…I mean the essence

What others think, feel and believe about you as well as how others treat you do not define you
All these are from them so all these define them, certainly not you

If they think you are ugly,
this is because they are not good at enjoying the mesmerising scenery
the scenery flows from your heart and character

If they think you are stupid,
this is because they are not wise to discover a part of you that can be sown with seeds for growth

Negativity from them defines how negative they are but not you.

Just like a lavender will only emit fragrance, not a shitty smell.

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