Robin Sharma

Heard of this guy? I love this guy and his books as well.

Currently, I am reading one of his books on rituals for a visionary leader.

Share with you what I have read today.

Aggressive listening

Listen more instead of assuming things. Ask good open-ended questions that invite informative replies. Stop  planning and rehearsing your response. This can help you to garner good recommendations for your company operation, which is cost-effective compared to outsourcing external consultants. Your employees understand the company the best as they are directly involved in the operation.

Reward and appreciate

Don’t only mention about mistakes. Instead of spreading the negativity, pay more attention to their good deeds. Emphasis on their good deeds give them a sense of assurance for recurrence. This can make them clear about your goals. Reward their good deed with praises. Praises can lighten up their mood and fuel them to their best potential. Instead of standardising the reward, think of rewards that suit their needs and interest. An employee who loves Formula 1 race will be delighted to get its ticket while one who finds it hard to meet his family will be joyful to get a few days off.

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