One sweet day

I am in the world or the world is in me?
What do you think?
Well, I prefer “the world is in me”.

For me,
The world in me is formed by me
by my perception, belief, bias, feeling…

The world is not something external
It is something closely tied to us
Every part of it relates to us
This is what I think

You are the creator of your world
The one who can make a change to the world
The one who holds responsibility towards it
I am not saying that you need to worry about every single thing of it
I just hope you will love more
Love all

It is okay to be someone not loved
But it is very pitiful to be one who doesn’t know how to love

To love is something essential to us

Although someone left you
That someone is still in you
in your world, I would say

The sweet memory is yours
No one can steal it from you

The memory is true, you believe
Someday, you will be forgiven

Someday, somewhere, you will be together with that someone
Life after entering grave?
I don’t know
But there is a point to gather
I always believe
So continue to love

The good thing is not that…
we are surrounded by perfect people
It is that we only remember the love and care we receive
And we pay back the love

This is happiness and sweetness

Get hurt and love again

This is how we learn to love

Appreciate and love what you have
Don’t frown
as it is sinful
It is considered disrespect to people who do not live as good as you 
Start giving in abundance and receiving in abundance

Love this song from Mariah Carey. It reminds the lazy me to love more.

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