I Love Me Conference

Attended this yesterday at Cititel Hotel Mid Valley. A conference on female issues.

What struck my heart was the sharing from some mothers. They advocate hypnobirthing, natural birth and vaginal delivery.

I was kind of impressed when one mother of two talked about her birthing experience at home. She never pushed her second baby during labour. She only breathed in and out while relaxing her body for the baby to make an appearance naturally. It was in a dimly lit room with lighted scented candles.

I also heard someone said that it is up to women’s choice when it comes to birthing options. For caesarean  section, it is more restricted as the mother gives birth by adhering to obstetrician’s instruction.

Besides, ladies who plan to get pregnant are highly advised to take folic acid supplement for three months before conceiving. This can avoid having babies with a defect of their spinal cord, such as spina bifida. It probably also reduces the risk of having a baby born with a cleft lip and palate, and of premature labour. This encourages us to stay away from unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy before marriage.

In conclusion, women should equip themselves with knowledge and information about pregnancy to make the best choice for themselves and baby. Internet can be a good tool but ladies should be careful to differentiate the truth and rumour.

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