5th day

Today is the fifth day of my med-free life. I think it turns out to be good. Not too bad, at least. It is rare that I can abstain from taking antipsychotic for so long. I guess it is because my determination is the strongest compared to last few trials. Whenever I feel any worry rising in me, I watch it rise, accept it and tune out. I know those worries are unnecessary.

There was one night I didn’t sleep at all. I tossed and turned. Obsessed with thinking. It was kind of unbelievable, as I didn’t take nap to get rest for the sleepless night, yet stayed quite alert for my day.
However, I managed to fall asleep for the rest of the nights, just that there was some difficulty to fall asleep. Less sleepiness during daytime. For today, I woke up before my morning alarm rang. It seems that I have got enough sleep, though shorter sleeping hours.
I was very hungry this morning. Guess it was because I skipped my lunch on Saturday and Sunday. My weekend was packed with events. Once in a while, I realized that I missed my lunch during evening. Guess it was because of the flow. When we get into the flow of what we are doing, we are not aware of other things but the thing on hand. This is a kind of enjoyment. We feel peace from within. Less worries. Of course, that thing has to be something you genuinely love to do. It is just like letting your heart spend some time with your dog instead of staying with it without being aware of its presence.
However, it’s not good to skip your meal, of course. Haha…

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