Motherhood Expo in KLCC

See what I have got from Motherhood Expo in KLCC convention centre. They can be good reading for a parenting book lover like me. Not only these. There are more. Oilment for babies with uncomfortable stomach, cream for mothers with stretch mark, baby formula milk for 1-year-olds and above, candy & chocolate, cream for breadfeeding mums…Haha….

It was a nice experience. Got to see cute babies everywhere. Happy families.Expecting families.

I was kind of …haha….I mean when being asked by people with something like…how young is your baby?..Are you expecting? …..Parents love discounts for good baby products. Guess this is the selling point. Lots of choices too. A real life video of mother giving birth I saw.

By the way, thanks to Yanning for the facebook invitation.

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