I don’t want to think, I want to feel

You know, I have been overthinking but I am not sure with your case. Due to my nature of doing thousands of things in my mind, stress always kicks in. Thus, I need to organise my thinking.

When an event that happened was not up to par, I started to think the better way it should have ended up with. It is good to examine your mistakes in retrospect but not to cry over the spilt milk. What I have been doing is crying over unchangeable things. There is a better option all the while but I didn’t notice. That’s thinking of a solution and start working towards it.

I mean when I have spilt my pail of water, there is not point looking at the puddles of water on the ground. No way to fill it up with my pail. I shall not look down but look at the front with my non-stop pace. This is because I still have another pail of water which is of lesson learnt.

Besides, I tend to repeat some daily reminders in my head. Those are on habitual tasks that are impossible to be left unattended due to my forgetful nature. I mean things like what to put in my bag for work tomorrow, what’s for breakfast, which social networking sites to log in, what to talk about with him/her now, what to shop for this week, existing deadlines…

I have to clear this clutter. Life is not about this. Every moment is to be savoured. Living is not completing a task. My life has been too task-based. I should be lazy, careless and blurred in terms of this clutter but be conscious and concentrated watching the smiles, listening to the laughter, listening to the amazing sound, tasting the gift from nature, smelling the bathroom just cleaned for me and shaking hand with all amazing people. 

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