First interview during internship

My anxiety hadn’t risen when I just boarded a taxi with Bel. While getting out of the cab, my carelessness of striking the cab window with my mini umbrella told me that I was nervous. Wondering if I should get a washroom since the time was already 11am. Bel asked whether I needed one. Then, I got one.

We reached. In a room, everyone who saw me shook hand with me. Face blindness struck me for that moment. Busy searching my mobile phone in my bulky Material handbag. Almost everyone stared at me. I said that I wanted to set my phone to silent mode.
After a presentation by a doctor ,I glanced around. People looked at me. The doctor sent a signal through his body language to me. It was time to start. I realised it and proceeded with my first question. Busy taking down notes. Trying hard to get used to his UK accent. 
A guy next to me suddenly asked a question. I thought I was dominating the interview because I had assumed that I was the only interviewer. Thus, I ceased asking. People directed their eyeballs at me. Suddenly, I realised that they were waiting for my next question. 
As usual, my voice was soft, slow. I found myself going backward of my sentence. Messy note taking. Puzzled at medical terms.
Done with my questions, I looked around with a hope of someone would tell me what to do next.
Heard some compliments. Felt relieved that my research added some credits. He expressed his intention to read my writeup. I silently prayed that the interview has been recorded well so that it can assist me if the need to write arises.
While leaving, I found out that my cup of coffee was still full. Turned around. All had almost finished their coffee.
Found out that I took away a paper holder that was not my property. I guess this was because of my post interview anxiety.
I need to improve my note taking and listening skills. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “First interview during internship

  1. you are too nervous, right? Take it easy. be confident.
    note taking is a habit in your life that maybe you can try to preparing a small note book and write down the main point whenever people are talking.
    write down anything that come across your mind, can be your writing source also.
    just be confident and calm down, just be yourself 🙂


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