Cats: Love me first!

Today was my first time to volunteer at PAWS, an animal shelter. 
It was quite challenging to work in a place that was not well-ventilated. The sun was burning hot. My body was sweaty and my clothes was sticked with cat’s fur. However, if I focused on taking care of the cats, the environment torment seemed to be nothing. I guess I just need to go into the flow by enjoying their cuteness. 
For some of the cats, when they meow, your heart will be melted. They are so human-like. Not only sound like a baby sometimes, but they have different personalities. Some let you clean ears and eyes, cut nails, and comb fur for it by staying in a position. Unfortunately, some just try their best to escape when you touch them. 
It trained my patience to volunteer there. I guess it is good for me because…if I can’t handle these little cute cats, how am I going to handle people around me? In my view, a person, who cannot manage to take care of a cat, doesn’t seem to be capable of taking care of a living human ( unless the person is allergy to fur). Trying to love a person is harder to love a cat. In terms of being really in love with a person, I feel I still have a long way to go.

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