Rules suck

Do you have the habit of listing things to remember on a notebook, paper or things like that?
I have and I believe some do have too.

However, I guess I overdo it.

It can be a good reminder and a way to clear the clutter in your mind by putting them out in physical and visible form instead of having them in mental state.
Whenever you are worried of forgetting something, just refer to the notes you jotted down.
Besides, it is good for goal setting and better achievement.

Recently, I found out that it should be done in moderation as I jotted down every single task despite its unimportance and simplicity, thus leading to great stress.
I kept referring to the notes although I can do without the notes.

Life with order can be killing, especially when a weekly task like cleaning the floor or ironing the clothes needs to be jotted down.
You can made to feel sick by going over the notes again and again (as you are scared of forgetting something that is impossible to forget.)

Life with rules is terrible.
Time for me to break the rules.

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