The Secret of HUMAN

You want to have leadership? Everyone hopes so. However, it doesn’t come as you call for it. However, Robin Sharma has suggested one simple way which is by remembering a word, ‘HUMAN’. He mentioned this in his book, The Leader Who Had No Title.

H stands for helpfulness
Be willing to give your precious thing to others.
Touch people’s heart and you win the most precious friendship.
If you help people to achieve their goal, they will help you to achieve every single of yours.
The power of reciprocity is unbelievable.
Take the first step to help, you have nothing to lose, the ability to help lighten up your day.

U stands for understanding
Be a good listener.
During meals, grab the chance to communicate heart-to-heart
No more headphones
Understanding leads to respect that people wish to see in you

M stands for mingle
Meet face-to-face, but not communicate behind emails
There can be deeper connection
Talk to everyone, even he is just a cleaner
Everyone has values you never expect you will learn

A stands for amuse
Don’t be so serious at work
Jokes and laughter won’t delay work, but add liveliness to work
People will only work with you if they are happy by your side

N stands for nurture
Take initiative to keep in touch with old friends
Who knows the friend will feel glad receiving your call or invitation?
Be courageous enough to be turned down
Vulnerability is the key for relationship building
One lost business partner can make you lose everything.
Reputation counts.

The deeper your relationships, the stronger your leadership.

Be a walking, talking and laughing positive energy source walking around
Nobody is an island. The power of institution is far-reaching.

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