My happiest day

I guess the happiest day for everyone is not limited to one particular day. As said, my happiest day mentioned in the title is just one of my range of “the happiest days.”

1. I attended a launching event. It was an eye-opener for me. Although butterflies were in my stomach, it was very exciting. Lastly, I was glad that the event was vegetarian-friendly. The health issue provoked my desire to do my part in raising health awareness during my tenancy with OH magazine.

2. My colleagues were very helpful and caring. Knowing that my brother would be late to pick me up, they made sure I would be in a safe place. I ended up hanging around in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

3. In Bangsar Shopping Centre, I managed to shop for some edible stuff like biscuits for my brother’s daily breakfast (He has been skipping breakfast). Then, I spent my time in a cushion seat in Times bookstore, reading The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma. It is a great book. Since Times doesn’t accept 1Malaysia book voucher, I hope to get the book somewhere.

4.I found out that the book I read has a parallel view with my brother while having some conversation with him. I love the book and feel a sense of closeness. (will blog about the book, stay tuned!)

5. While passing by PAWS, I asked my brother about it. He asked me whether I wanted to volunteer there. It is a good beginning.

6. Some friends, who hadn’t keep in touch with me for long started to chat with me in Facebook. I felt the warmth. Friendship is still there.

Wish my blog visitors great happiness too. I was too excited that I went to bed late.

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