Ever acted as somebody who was not you?
Felt desperate to earn acceptance and approval?
Felt scared of rejection and scolding?
Maybe sometimes it is good to be ourselves
Courage is not the act of putting our life at risk
It is about being our true self in front of anything
Let people love us for the way we are
Even we work hard to be a person we think we should
Not all will love us
Even you have flaws
There are always people who love us so much in a way unimagined
We are not here to please everyone
But to live our life like a graceful dance
Only when you truly reveal yourself
There is a open bridge linking to your soul
Then, the strongest relationship can be built 
Built from the inside out
Be who you are
not who you think you should
It is not about comfort or acceptance
It’s about what it is
Let it be
Going against the nature is killing
It’s like asking a cat to bark
It won’t work

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