Let’s get into the flow

Once upon a time, a guy’s wife-to-be left him and married another guy. Therefore, the guy who was dumped felt depressed. A monk passed by and asked him what had happened.

Then, the monk said, “Once upon a time, there was a dead lady by the sea. Man A passed by and covered the lady with a cloth. After that, Man B also passed by. Seeing the dead lady, he buried her by the sea with sand. You was the man who covered her with cloth while the man who married your lover was the man who buried the dead lady. Last but not least, your lover was the dead lady.”

The man who was depressed felt better after hearing this. He seemed to get a great realization.

If it’s yours, it’ll be yours sooner or later. However, if it’s not yours, no matter how hard you work towards it, it’ll still not be yours. If it belongs to others, it will be with others. 

Although karma is true, we should not stop putting effort in our life. Do keep hoping for a wonderful love relationship. We shall accept good and bad things that come to us and flow with our life like water. Act with dignity. When bad things come, do not ponder it for too long. Lamenting won’t help. It will become history soon.

Do not force our wish on the happenings in life. Every happening has its own direction to flow as well as its set pace. Get control of our life and act on it appropriately by seeing the circumstances.

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