Can friendship endure?

My mum attended her secondary school gathering last Wednesday.
She invited two friends to our house. I will call them as lady A and lady B.
For your information, my mum is in her fifties. Both the ladies hadn’t met my mum since my mum got married. Try to count. How many years of their separation are there? My elder brother is in his twenties. They talked so happily. 
Lady A has known my mum since their kindergarten year. Both of them grew up in the same place, Tokai. They played together. Lady B has known my mum since their secondary school year.  
True friendship can endure the passing of time. My mum lost her contact with friends while everyone was flying to a certain direction to build their nest. After their nest has gained stability, they start to contact their old friends. Now, they can gather again.

Separation is inevitable in our life. We cannot spend time with lots of people at the same time. Moreover, our loved ones can be scattered around the world and we can only be at a place at a time. People walk in and out. Important people walk out, new people are becoming important.

It’s up to us whether we want to keep our old friendship in a safe. Well-kept friendship polishes up our memories that are always cherished. The old friendship has contributed partly to our present life. If we keep it, we find that we never lose it.

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