Angel at roadside

My dad and I met a samaritan last Wednesday.
It was after our first jog since Chinese New Year commenced. The jog that cleared our guilt of stuffing ourselves with food that was too much. LoL
Then, I drove from the park where we jogged to Alor Star Mall. Dad was beside me, guiding me,a novice in driving. We were going to fetch my younger brother, Kai. 
Before we managed to fetch him, the car went wrong. Dad took the wheel. Before we managed to rush home, the car’s engine died at traffic lights. We pushed the car to roadside. Dad inspected the car’s engine.For long, nobody stopped by although it was a road with a lot of passers-by.
Finally, a white Proton stopped by. Its car plate number was KJ 541 if it was not mistaken. A Malay guy stepped out. A lady (believed to be his wife) and a child (believed to be his child) were in the car. 
He introduced himself as a car technician. Carefully, he inspected our car with both his hands. My dad and I wanted to say thanks when we saw his dirty hands stained with petrol. This samaritan asked of our living place and said that luck was on our side as our home was near. Then, when he heard that we needed some water to cool down the engine, he offered us an extra big bottle of water. 
This samaritan reminded me of One Malaysia, interracial harmony and unity. The guy, not bad huh?
Nonetheless, we reached home safely with the car.

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