Immunity to love

One day, if you see meteor rain, 
you will be amazed by the extraordinary view
certainly you will feel excited
 However, if you see meteor rain everyday,
you will be immune to it
It will become common and go unappreciated
Just like our family members, friends and lover
After being cared by them for a long period
we think their care towards us is a sure thing
then we fail to treasure them
Have you visited your family recently?
Have you met up with your good friends recently?
Have you called your lover recently?
Most of the time
the people around us are those we easily neglected
The closer you are with the person
 the easier you become inconsiderate of the person’s need and feeling

If you want to express your love
start it with the people around you
  Appreciate what you have now
Say thanks to whoever cares for you

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