Internship reflection

This is my third day of internship
Once I wake up, I get ready to work. When I reach home from work, it’s already after 8 in the evening. No much time to have personal moment. Serious traffic jam. Late dinner. However, when I look at what I can get from this internship, I feel it is not that bad.
Only a few people are working in my office so everyone smiles and cares about me. One senior said they are like one family. That’s interesting.
Although I don’t have a very clear idea of my future and what I can get from this, I decide to follow my intuition. That’s to do what I like.
I don’t believe that hard work can turn into passion one day. In contrast, I prefer the saying that indicates passion can lead to a successful career. In short, I only want to do what makes me happy. The thought of forcing myself to do what I have never dreamed of since small is scary. 
No matter what I love, I believe if I polish the skill with passion, it will bring me to a better level. If it is not what I love, it is less possible that I will succeed. Even I succeed, it may not be what I want. Besides, I may have lost my direction. No matter how my dreamed life is, I shall try my best to start living it now. 
Life is unpredictable. Do what you love as if you are at the best level of life. Enjoy it! 
This is what I believe now. I haven’t seen what it will bring me. However, I will just follow the path. If I fall down, it can be the best lesson I can absorb. Life is about learning. It’s never too late when you have found your passion.

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