The way of dreams

In this bloody world
there is a baby in everyone
A baby who dreams without limit
Dreams are butterflies the baby trying to catch
Butterflies kept in bottles
Dreams that come true
are shared with friends
friends who appreciate the beauty
Free the butterflies
Chasing the butterflies with friends
No more bottling the butterflies
Let the butterflies grow pretty in their own way
Flying over mountains and across rivers
Let the children appreciate the Mother Nature
Our journey to dream is an awesome scenery
As a baby
there are tears then laughters
we are helpless and an angel helps us to stand on feet
We feel pain then it goes away
When we look back how far we have gone
it’s magnificent
The body may feel tired
But the journey brings realization
Realizations of which roads to take and miss
All the pain and sorrow worth the realization
For wherever the realization is
we see a starlit sky
Let the stars guide you
No more lost in the jungle
There can be starless nights with storm
but the baby know when to look for stars 
and when to wait for tomorrow rainbow
as storm does cease
stars and rainbow heal
There it goes the tiredness

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