2012 targets

Today, I woke up early to run in the park with my brother. It was the second time.
It is a good sign. I hope to achieve my target of having good sleeping and exercise habits in this 2012.

My running shoes made me get to know an old man in his eighties. He jog everyday early morning and just now he said, ” see you tomorrow.” Guess he can be my motivator.Haha….

I love myself too much by listening to my body that asks me to relax too much. Guess I shall learn to love people more by helping them and spending time with them.

I always make sleeping an escape from things in life. Many do this, as I have heard. Time to face it, I guess. Time to think what I really can’t afford to miss. Let bygones be bygones. Savour what I have now.

Hopefully, at one moment, I will wake up to my dreams everyday.

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