We are one family

Listen to the inside
Believe in yourself
so that your actions can flow naturally
It’s your talent when it’s natural and self-reliant

Do as your wish
so that your heart can be free

Others’ words are just a reference
not the answer

Judge their truthfulness
with your logic and common sense

You are standing at the starting point
People are standing at other points
There can be different angles of perspective
Appreciate their genuine words that come from different perspectives 

Listen to the outside
They can be a good reference

Let the outside voice guide you
but not control you

Listen patiently and humbly
for you can reap something
There can be treasure in perfect imperfection

We are born to be the same.Yet, we are different as we are standing at different points. We have got our own paths that start,continue and end differently. We have different social experience. It’s a matter of perspective. We are still heading to the same direction although we are moving from different corners.

Embrace the differences. Love each other.

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