What’s love?

Once upon a time,
a man who was savouring his barbequed chicken said to his teacher,” I love chicken.

His teacher said,” You don’t love the chicken. If you love it, you will take care of it, protect it and give it happiness instead of killing and eating it.

When someone…

cares about you
supports you
helps you
assists you
believes in you
protects you
sacrifices for you
clears you loneliness
respects you

and you feel good,
maybe you love the person.

When the same person…

scolds you
goes against you
disagrees with you
makes mistake
fails to meet your expectations
criticises you
does not respect you
does not believe in you

and yet you do not..

hate the person
feel angry

feel annoyed
but feel happy living with the person

you really love the person

If it is the opposite

you only love yourself

like the man savoring his chicken.

Think. Do you love the person?
or your parents?
or your siblings?
or your friend?

Well, now I feel it’s hard to get into a thing called ‘love‘.

2 thoughts on “What’s love?

  1. thanks my dear. I miss you too.gt ur love. wish u the utmost strength and hope in ur life. hope to hear from u more.i am going to kl for training soon, u know? not sure near u?


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