Things to remember

Sometimes, things are not as we wish
Sometimes, we lose our …
direction sense of purpose calmness joy of life interest in life patience perseverance 
We give up

Our life is not a tarred road
but a muddy road
That’s what is good about it
The road teaches us to walk in a more balanced way

If not,
our life is a monotonous straight line
we cannot turn into a better person
we shall stop learning
Challenges shape us
You want to be better and better, don’t you?

All of us have equal opportunities
We have got our own pace
If you do good, you attract good luck
If you do bad, you attract bad luck
The universe is fair

Every thought, word and deed matters
They colour your life

Thought leads to word
Word leads to deed
Deed leads to habit
Habit leads to character
Character leads to luck

You can’t sit there praying in order to reap
You can’t praise the lord in order to reap
You can’t depend on rituals to reap
You have to put in effort to solve the riddles

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