Penang Bridge 10Km Run

Just came back from this.
Tired…painful thighs…
But satisfied.

While running, I almost wanted to give up
I told myself, “maybe this is my last run. Why should I force myself? “
However, I became a 10Km finisher with a medal
Feel good. Wondering should I go for 21Km in the next run?
But I am graduating. Hope still have chance.

I saw a physically challenged lady
She was walking with high motivation towards the finishing point
So touched
Admire her spirit

During the journey back to Kampar
Grace slept on my shoulder accidentally
This reminded me of my brother
When I was small
I always pretended to fall asleep in the car
in order to lean onto my brother’s shoulder
This is called simple happiness
I am a big girl now
Only big girls let people lean on their shoulders
Am I right? haha….
Do you want my shoulder? Or you want to let me lean on yours?

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