20 rules for you

  1. Accept all your flaws (who is perfect?)
  2. Accept that you are perfect
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Love yourself unconditionally before you love others
  5. Know your personal values ( to choose your job, partner, home, present and so on)
  6. Know your passion
  7. Never give up on anything that is important to you
  8. Make your happiness self-dependent
  9. Take care of yourself properly
  10. Show kindness to others (the resulted happiness lasts long)
  11. Listen to your needs
  12. Live up to your potential
  13. Don’t think that you are a victim
  14. Think of what people like about you
  15. Think of what you like about yourself
  16. Give yourself what you only give to others (e.g.:home, love, social life, family, career, health, creativity, spirituality…)
  17. Do your favourite things to love yourself
  18. Give up (anything) in order to make time for the things you have decided to do 
  19. Be gentle and kind to yourself
  20. Be yourself

I came across this saying.

“You can’t love anyone else until you can love yourself. So, it’s important to realise self-love does not mean that we should stop caring for others and just focus on ourselves.”

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