Zero distance

Attended Yue Xin Yuan (UTAR Kampar Buddhist Society’s weekly event)
I went alone as Tina is not here this trimester
Wanted to get some inspiration from the event as usual
Luckily got to know some friendly people there (Actually we met before in other events)
Surprisingly I did not feel lonely and weird although I went alone
I have got used to be alone, I guess
It is a good thing
Because at any moment,
I should feel that THE HIGHEST POWER is looking upon me
After the event,
went to eat vegetarian rojak alone.

The speaker for the event mentioned something like…
Sometimes, we smile at a stranger or a stranger smiles at us
The exchange of smile lightens up our mood
This show of love is special

In a park,
A girl always greets an old man she doesn’t know
It becomes habitual
During Chinese New Year,
the old man suddenly comes to her and gives her angpao
They start to chat for the first time
How sweet is that!
There is a period of time the girl doesn’t show up in the park
One day, the girl comes back to the park
The old man asks, “Where have you been? Holidays?”
He never forgets the girl.

I am sure you have experienced this sweet thing as well. Do share here.

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