Dream or no dream?

I have heard of a saying that a person without dreams is like a bird without wings
Dream keeps us fighting and living with a purpose
However, some say that with dreams, there is hope that leads to disappointment
It is very logic that no hope, no disappointment

Dream or no dream?
I feel it all depends on how we take charge
Dream is good
If coupled with some effort and perseverance
Dream is bad
If it makes us feel like getting out of the presence

In order to achieve our dream
We have to focus on our presence
Focus on what we can do about the presence
Because we have to build on the presence
The presence is part of the journey to the future

If we hate the presence and become obsessed of the future
It is like we do not notice the beautiful plants along the road to our destination
Those plants colour up our life and provide us with energy to continue walking to our dream
Remember those guidance, encouragement and companions?

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