A fruitful Saturday

Participated in TMM 10km Internal Run this early morning.
TMM? Haven’t heard of it? It’s Team Miracle Miller.
It’s a club for all sorts of runners who aim to continue running  physically and spiritually.
Here, you can be enlightened by others’ spirit.
It is not about the finishing point. It’s about the state of being.

Don’t give up with the next step.
Next step! Next step! Don’t stop. Focus.
The feeling after running is good.

Attended Ah Lai’s convocation after the run.
Glad to have the chance at that moment.
Saw many graduates and their families.
Very happy. Too happy, i would say.
Touching atmosphere.
Wondering how will my convocation be.
Hahaha…can’t wait.

Fruitful day but tired. The sun was really bright, just like the people I met today.

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